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  • Art by Nilo.

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    So my mom got a new tattoo today

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    leg refences

    Reblogging this not only for artists but also for people who write werewolf (and other animal transformation) fiction.  If a human turned into a wolf, their knee joints would not reverse— what some fic writers mistake for the knee is actually the ankle.  A wolf’s hind feet are relatively long, and they are always walking in way roughly analogous to human “tip-toeing.”

    For anyone curious, the artist is Marshall Vandruff and he has a free webinar up on Imaginarium as well as dvds from Gnomon Workshop!

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    • Me: :)
    • Video games: $$$
    • Me: :(
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    don’t ever give me games with customization options that you can’t change later because i will never make up my fucking mind

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    Women Warriors series by maxre

    A women only archery competition in North Japan.

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    Ah, you’re watching Hetalia? I love that anime. The way they all just [clenches fist] dont die.

    holy rome died


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    Reasons to dye your hair bright and unnatural colors

    • Because you wanna
    • Being punk rock
    • Looking hella cute
    • Small children’s reactions

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